Legal Hold

Learn how to request a legal hold for your workstation products through the Collection and Offboarding order flows. With a legal hold, products may be placed on a legal hold for a period of time after arrival at the GroWrk warehouse. This ensures that any data from the device user and the company will be preserved when on hold, adhering to legal standards.

In the Collection and Offboarding order flows, you can request a legal hold for products that will be collected from your employee. This is only applicable to products that are considered workstations.

The following example is of the Legal Hold step in the Offboarding flow, which is displayed in the same way in both the Offboarding and Collection order types, even though their overall processes slightly differ.

  1. In the Legal Hold step, the workstations being collected will be displayed. No hold needed will be the default. LegalHold
  2. If a legal hold is needed, select Request legal hold from the dropdown. LegalHold
  3. Enter any special instructions for the legal hold if needed. (Optional) LegalHold
  4. The legal hold request will be made when confirming and placing the order. LegalHold

After the collection order is placed, the legal hold request will be documented within the order page with a badge and a record in the Order History. LegalHold

Once a product no longer needs to be on hold, you are able to end the legal hold within the order page. Ending the hold lets GroWrk know that the product can move forward with wiping services.

  1. Select the X icon on the Legal hold requested badge. LegalHold
  2. A modal will appear to confirm your request. Enter END and select Confirm. LegalHold
  3. You’ll be notified that the legal hold has ended and the badge will be removed from the list of products. LegalHold