Learn how to connect your UKG Pro account to your Dashboard and sync your company information to improve your HR workflow.

Connect your account

  1. Choose whether you’ll sync all your data or use our updated filters to curate what data is synced to your GroWrk account. UKGPro
  2. Choose whether to use your work or personal email to connect. Select Continue to move forward to begin the authentication process. UKGPro
  3. Choose whether to send invitations to the Employee Dashboard for your employees to have access to product updates and confirm package deliveries. UKGPro
  4. GroWrk will then request access to your UKG Pro account. Select Continue. UKGPro
  5. Enter your UKG API Key and Submit. UKGPro

Find your UKG Pro Customer API Key.

  1. Log in to your UKG Pro account and search Service Account Administration in your search bar on the top right.
  2. Copy the Customer API Key from under the header.
  3. Paste the Customer API Key in the field.

Create your service account

  1. On the UKG Pro Service Account Administration Page, click on "+ add" in the upper right hand side. UKGPro
  2. Enter the admin of your UKG Pro account's username and email. You will need the username later. UKGPro
  3. Scroll down under Web Service to enable permissions.
    View Employee Person Details is required to authenticate your account.
    View Employee Pay Statement, PTO Plan Integration, Company Configuration Integration, Payroll Integration, Personnel Integration, Employee Job History Details, Employee Person Details, and Employee Compensation Details are other relevant permissions. UKGProUKGProUKGPro
  4. Click Save. You’ll receive a new password. Save the password in a secure location. UKGPro
  5. Enter your UKG Pro service account credentials in Link and click Submit.UKGPro

Find your UKG Web Service subdomain

  1. In the search bar, search for Web Services.UKGPro
  2. Look for any of the "web service endpoint" URLs and find your subdomain.
    For example if your URL is, then your subdomain is "Servicet".
  3. Find your top-level domain.
    For example if your URL is, then your top level domain is "". UKGPro
  4. On the "Enter your UKG Pro Web Services URL (Part 1) screen, enter your subdomain and Submit.UKGPro
  5. On the "Enter your UKG Pro Web Services URL (Part 2)" screen, select the URL that matches your top level domain.UKGPro


If you chose to filter your sync, you’ll be redirected to the Integrations Setup page and there will be 4 different filters to apply to your data:

  • Countries” allows you to select countries you’d want to include or exclude in your synced data.
  • Teams” allows you to select the teams within your company that you’d want to include or exclude in your synced data.
  • Status” allows you to filter by active or inactive devices within your inventory.
  • Employment” allows you to filter by employment status (full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.).

These filters are designed to be cross-referenced. Whether you’re looking to import data of your employees on a specific team located in a certain region, or any other parameter, these new filters are designed to refine your company data to your preference.

Synced Fields

These fields are synced from UKG Pro to GroWrk:

  • Team name
  • Employee display name
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip code

Note: The Email field syncs as the work email. However, if a personal email is entered, it will still sync as the work email.


The UKG Pro integration automatically updates every 6 hours. You may manually resync your data using the Update button found in the Set up tab on the UKG Pro integration page.