Get to know GroWrk


GroWrk is a global end-to-end IT equipment solution provider. We enable companies to handle their device procurement, deployment, retrieval, storage, IT support, security, end-of-life processes, and process automation across IT, allowing companies to optimize resources, compliance, experience, and technology spend in over 150 countries seamlessly.

GroWrk offers a comprehensive solution for IT management through our platform. Some key features include:

  • The Dashboard: Our user-friendly platform that offers full product visibility and lifecycle management throughout all of your serviced regions.
  • Extensive integrations: Sync your data between different applications to streamline processes and improve your workflow.
  • Advanced security features: MDM software enrollment, identity management, and remote product control capabilities that enhance compliance and security.
  • Global IT infrastructure: Support for your distributed workforce across 150+ regions.

Use the GroWrk Guides to learn how to efficiently use the highlighted features available within your Dashboard. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or requests for more documentation.