Orders Page

The Orders page on Dashboard is where all the details of your active, canceled, and closed orders are listed. All orders will be listed from newest to oldest, with filtering options available to find specific orders.

Tabs and Filters

The Orders page has four separate tabs to view active, canceled, and closed orders, as well as you export history. You can filter the displayed orders by Status, Order Type, and Region. Select the filter icon next to the column name to set your filter preferences. Orders

Table Elements

There are 15 columns in the Orders page. Each column is designated to a specific bit of information regarding your order details.

Column numberColumn NameDescriptionActionsExport in CSV
1(checkbox & copy icon)Selection columnClickable checkbox and click-to-copy icon-
2Order IDAssigned order numberSelect to view the fully detailed order page☑️
3StatusStatus of the order: Processing, Open, Canceled, ClosedView only☑️
4Date CreatedDate of the order being placedView only☑️
5Start DateEmployee's employment start dateView only☑️
6ETAEstimated time of arrivalView only☑️
7Order TypePurchase for Employee, Purchase for Inventory, Assign to Employee, Import Inventory (Self-Delivery), Import Inventory (with Pickup), Maintenance, Collect for Maintenance, Collection, Swap by Purchase, Swap by Assign, OffboardingView only☑️
8Tracking LinkLink provided by the courier to track orderSelectable link leading to the courier's page☑️
9Tracking NumberAssigned number to track orderView only☑️
10Employee NameEmployee that the order is assigned toView only☑️
11Employee EmailEmployee's contactView only☑️
12RegionRegion that the order is being sent toView only☑️
13PO NumberPurchase order numberManually input the Purchase Order number☑️
14TotalCost of the orderView only☑️
15BD in SLABusiness days within or out of SLA guidelinesView only☑️

Order ID

Select the Order ID to view the full order page for an order. Orders

A tracking link is provided after the order has been shipped. This is selectable on the Orders table and will direct you to the courier’s page. Orders

PO Number

Manually input the Purchase Order number. Select on the box and a curser will appear for you to edit and start typing. Select anywhere on the page and the PO will be saved. Orders

Order Page


Order page layout features:

  • Top section: General information such as order ID, type, country, and total cost to the top of the screen to make these details immediately accessible.
  • Products section: Visibility of shipping tracking, unit prices, and product specifics including type, manufacturer, and serial number.
  • Detailed services view: Details regarding additional services like Expedited Shipping or Pickup Box (for recoveries only).
  • Address: The employee address is strategically placed on the right side, consolidating all contact-related information.

Order History

Previously, the "Order Log" section only displayed changes in order status. The updated version, now renamed "Order History," has been enhanced to include:

  • Summaries of changes to product statuses
  • Updates to tracking information
  • Details of services added to products, such as Expedited Shipping
  • Information on products replaced or removed from the order
  • Comments and files attached by GroWrk