Tier 2 IT Support

Tier 2 IT Support is our second level of technical assistance. It is designed to handle more complex issues that may require specialized knowledge or deeper investigation. Our Tier 2 IT Support team comprises experts who efficiently solve intricate problems. This service is part of our second "Professional" pricing tier with service available in one or two time zones. You can have the second time zone added for an additional cost.

Services provided

  • On the company side:
    • Expert Consultation: We offer expert advice and help while understanding your current documentation to solve complex technical issues.
    • Issue Analysis: We investigate recurring problems to identify root causes and provide permanent solutions.
    • Customization Assistance: We provide guidance on tailoring our products or your internal assets.
    • AI Chatbot: We can train an AI model with the current HelpDesk from your company in order to solve Tier 2 IT issues.
  • On the employee side:
    • Advanced Troubleshooting: We address complex technical issues and perform in-depth diagnostics based on the documentation that you share with us.
    • We solve specific issues via chat, email, phone, or AI GrowBot.
    • We provide guidance to employees on how to troubleshoot tech issues as a first step, before escalating the issue to further support in order to provide a smooth and fast resolution.

How to access Tier 2 IT Support

  • Fill out the following form and share with us your current HelpDesk troubleshooting documentation. This information allows us to align our services with your organization's needs, ensuring a more effective and tailored support experience.
  • As soon as we have all this information, the line will be set up to continue with the IT support assistance.
  • We can also train our AI GrowBot with this documentation to provide fast, accurate, and immediate solutions via chat.

When to contact the team

If Tier 2 IT Support is part of your plan, you can access it when you've already engaged with Tier 1 IT Support but the issue remains unsolved or requires further expertise. The Tier 1 IT Support team will escalate this issue to the Tier 2 IT Support team.

We understand that each organization has its unique HelpDesk processes and requirements. Our Tier 2 IT Support services are designed not only to resolve complex technical issues but also to adapt to your specific needs.

In order to have a seamless support process, we encourage you to provide documentation regarding your HelpDesk processes. This documentation empowers us to:

  • Tailored Support: Customize our services to align with your organization's procedures and workflows.
  • Efficiently Assist: Provide support that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT environment.
  • Meet Expectations: Understand and adhere to any service level agreements (SLAs) or response time expectations you may have.

By sharing this vital information with us, you enable our Tier 2 IT Support team to be proactive in delivering the precise assistance you need. It's our commitment to work in harmony with your organization's HelpDesk operations, ensuring a streamlined and effective support experience.