Platform Onboarding

To begin your platform onboarding, you would have received a welcome email that led you to setting up the account. Using the link in the email, you will be led to our Welcome page, which is the first step to begin the onboarding process. Click Start.


1. Add Contact

Provide us with important company contacts for billing and IT support. Provide names and emails of important contacts and any notes that may be useful. Click Save and Next to continue.

Add Contacts

2. Add Managers

Provide the manager’s description (role, title, etc.), name, email, and any notes. You may add multiple managers to your account. Click Save and Next to continue.

Add Managers

3. Inventory Plan

Select a region/country that you support and provide estimates of the number of employees and the closest hire date from today. Provide this information for all of your supporting regions. Click Save and Next to continue.

Inventory Plan

4. Your Catalog

Build a catalog of devices you would like available in your supported regions. This catalog will be shown in your Dashboard and will be of the devices that you’ll be able to purchase for your employees.

  1. Start by choosing a region and a product type (laptops, monitors, etc.). Add products that you may want in available for your workforce in that region.
    Your Catalog
  2. Add products that you may want in available for your workforce in that region. Click Save.
    Your Catalog
  3. Add a catalog for the rest of your supported regions. The devices added to this catalog will be shown on your Dashboard as available to be purchased. Click Save and Next to continue.
    Your Catalog

5. Device Management

Let us know if your devices will need to be enrolled with an MDM or require imaging.

  1. Choose whether you will need MDM enrollment, imaging, or none.
    Device Management
  2. Select the MDM you will be using for Macs and PC (if you have both) using the dropdown menu.
    Device Management
    Device Management
  3. For ABM only* type in the Organization ID.
    Device Management
  4. Include instructions for how to enroll your devices properly. Either provide instructions by typing in or uploading a document. Below is an example for instructions to enroll in Apple Business Manager (ABM). Click Confirm.
    Device Management
  5. After submitting the instructions, you’ll be notified that an Account Manager will review and be in contact to follow up. Click Save and Next to continue.
    Device Management
    PDF Preview

6. Upload Active Workstations

Uploading Active Workstations and employee information helps both yourself and GroWrk manage all the devices that are currently being used within your company.

Upload or drag and drop a CSV file of your active workstations. Download the provided CSV template if needed. Click Save and Next to continue.

Upload Active Workstations

7. Employee Equipment Agreement

  1. Choose whether to require the Equipment Agreement for your employees to sign.
    Employee Equipment Agreement
  2. You’ll be taken to a short form to fill out details of the agreement.
    Employee Equipment Agreement
  3. Choose between making your own template or using GroWrk’s template.
    Employee Equipment Agreement
  4. Write out the Equipment Agreement and sign with your name. Your employees will be sent this to review and sign for agreement. Click Save and Next to continue.
    Employee Equipment Agreement

8. Urgent Service Requests

If you require any urgent delivery or collection services within the next few weeks, select a service that you’ll be needing so we can accommodate while you onboard.

Select the service(s) that you’ll be needing and include any details that may be helpful. Click Save and Next to continue.

Urgent Service Requests

Enter Dashboard

You’re ready to start managing your employee’s devices! Select Go to Dashboard.