Okta SSO

Supported Features

  • SP-initiated SSO (Single Sign-On)

Connect Okta to GroWrk

Ensure that your integrations feature is turned on before starting this process. Confirm with your Customer Success Manager if the feature is not enabled yet on your Dashboard.

  1. In the Integrations tab in your Dashboard, search for the Okta SSO integration and select Get Started. Okta SSO
    You’ll be directed to the setup page with several steps. Okta SSO
  2. Add GroWrk to Okta.
    a. Select Go to Okta and you’ll be redirected to Okta’s website. Follow the steps to complete the installation. Okta SSO
    b. You’ll be taken to Okta’s GroWrk application page. Select Add Integration. Okta SSO
    c. Set your general settings (application label, visibility, etc.) and select Next. Okta SSO
    d. Set your sign-on options to SAML 2.0. You can also find your meta data here in this step, which will be needed later on. Select Done when finished. Okta SSO
  3. Back to GroWrk, add your authorized domains. Okta SSO
  4. Copy and paste the meta data URL.
    a. The meta data is found in your Okta admin account by going to Applications > Sign on > scroll down > Copy.
    b. Go back to GroWrk, paste, and select Set up. Okta SSO
  5. You’ll be notified that Okta SSO has been set up. Okta SSO

Login with Okta

Verify Account with Okta

When inviting new employees, they may use their Okta credentials to access their GroWrk Dashboards.

  1. The user will be sent an email invite to their Dashboard. Once selecting Verify Account, the user will taken to a new page to set up their account. Okta SSO
  2. The user will be asked to create a new password. They will enter their corporate email and scroll down to select Sign up with OKTA. Okta SSO
  3. A new window will open with Okta’s sign in page. They will enter their username and select Next. Okta SSO
  4. They will enter their password and then select Verify. Okta SSO
  5. Then, they will be required to set up Okta Verify as a security method to protect their account.
    a. They will select Setup and follow the instructions to setup the method. When completed, they’ll be notified that their account was generated. Okta SSO
  6. Then, they will fill out their user information such as their name, contact, and delivery address, and will select Save Changes and Continue. Okta SSO
  7. Finally, they will have access to the GroWrk Dashboard. Whenever they sign in to GroWrk, they may use the Sign in with OKTA feature. Okta SSO

Note: If the user does not sign up with Okta and creates a GroWrk password, they will still be able to log in and access their Dashboard with their Okta credentials.