Learn how to connect your Oomnitza account to your Dashboard and sync your company information to manage IT assets seamlessly.

Connect your account

  1. Copy a new API key in Oomnitza. You can find the API in Configuration - Security - API Tokens. OomnitzaOomnitza
  2. Copy your Oomnitza URL. Oomnitza
  3. Add your Oomnitza URL and API key. Oomnitza
  4. Click Set Up and the integration will be connected. Oomnitza

Synced Fields

These fields are synced from GroWrk to Ooomnitza:

  • Employee email
  • Employee display name
  • Product manufacturer
  • Product ID
  • Product model
  • Product purchase price
  • Product purchase currency
  • Product tracking link
  • Product purchase date
  • Order ID
  • Order status
  • Order type
  • Product status
  • Product title
  • Product type
  • Product location
  • Product country
  • Product serial number


The Oomnitza integration automatically updates every insert time frame. You may manually resync your data using the Update button found in the Set up tab on the Oomnitza integration page.