Learn how to connect your Hibob account to your Dashboard and sync your company information to improve your HR workflow.

Connect your account

  1. Choose whether you’ll sync all your data or use our updated filters to curate what data is synced to your GroWrk account. Hibob
  2. Choose whether to use your work or personal email to connect. Select Continue to move forward to begin the authentication process. Hibob
  3. Choose whether to send invitations to the Employee Dashboard for your employees to access product updates and confirm package deliveries. Hibob
  4. Choose whether to authenticate with either:
    1. Hibob token and user ID
    2. API Key (Note: Hibob will be deprecating some API key functionality March 2024. Selecting this method will require you to relink at that time.) Hibob
  5. GroWrk will then request access to your Hibob account. Select Continue. Hibob
  6. Depending on your preference, enter your Hibob token and user ID or your API key and then submit. HibobHibob

Find your Hibob token

  1. In your Hibob account, select your profile and then select API access in the dropdown. Hibob
  2. Your API access token will be displayed. Copy the token to submit to GroWrk. Hibob

Set up a Hibob service user

  1. In Hibob, navigate to Settings then Integrations. Click on Manage Service Users.Hibob
  2. Create a new Service User and save the Service User ID and Token.
  3. Navigate to Settings then go to Permission Groups. Select Create Group. Hibob
  4. Name the group. Then, in the Group members section**,** choose Select people by condition and select Edit. Hibob
  5. In the Select people by condition pop-up, delete the existing condition and add the Service User previously created in the dropdown menu for Add Specific Employees then select Apply.Hibob
  6. Finish the initial creation of the Group by selecting Create. If a pop-up appears, Confirm the creation of the group. Hibob
  7. Under People's Data, edit the data that can be accessed by selecting Select people by condition and Edit.
  8. Under People's Data, add the following permissions. Please note the permissions listed below are the required permissions for the full HRIS API.
    List of permissions People
    • Address
      • View selected employees' Address sections
      • View selected employees' Address section histories
    • Email
      • Edit selected employees' email addresses
    • Employment
      • View selected employees' Employment sections
      • View selected employees' Employment section histories
    • History
      • View selected employees' profile changes history
    • Home
      • View selected employees' Home sections
    • Identification
      • View selected employees' Identification sections
      • Edit selected employees' Identification sections (only applicable if you want full unobscured SSN numbers.)
    • Lifecycle
      • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections (This is needed to surface Employment Status)
      • Edit selected employees' Lifecycle sections
      • View selected employees' Lifecycle section histories
    • Personal
      • View selected employees' Personal sections
      • Edit selected employee's Personal sections (This is needed to surface Date of Birth)
    • Personal Contact Details
      • View selected employees' Personal contact details sections
      • Edit selected employees' Personal contact details sections
    • Work
      • View selected employees' Work section histories


    • Balance
      • See selected people's time off and sick leave balances
    • Requests
      • Create, edit, and cancel people's requests that haven't been approved yet
      • Edit and cancel people's future requests that have been approved
      • Edit and cancel people's past requests that have been approved
      • View, approve or decline requests that are pending approval of others
    • See who's out today
      • See who's out today
  1. Save and Apply the changes. Hibob

Synced Fields

These fields are synced from Hibob to GroWrk:

  • Department
  • Employee start date
  • Manager
  • Display name
  • Employment status
  • Profile picture
  • Email
  • Personal email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip code


  • The Department field in Hibob syncs with Teams in GroWrk.


If you chose to filter your sync, you’ll be redirected to the Integrations Setup page and there will be 4 different filters to apply to your data:

  • Countries” allows you to select countries you’d want to include or exclude in your synced data.
  • Teams” allows you to select the teams within your company that you’d want to include or exclude in your synced data.
  • Status” allows you to filter by active or inactive devices within your inventory.
  • Employment” allows you to filter by employment status (full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.).

These filters are designed to be cross-referenced. Whether you’re looking to import data of your employees on a specific team located in a certain region, or any other parameter, these new filters are designed to refine your company data to your preference.


The Hibob integration automatically updates every insert time frame. You may manually resync your data using the Update button found in the Set up tab on the Hibob integration page.