Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers regarding orders, operations, and our platform.

Orders and Operations

What is the ETA and status of my order?

View your ETA and statuses on the order page from Your Orders. The Your Orders page guide can be viewed here.

Where can I find my tracking information?

Once your shipping information is sent to the courier, you’ll be notified of a tracking link for your order. Your tracking information can be viewed in the order’s page through Your Orders by clicking on the order.

How do I assign a product to an employee?

In Inventory Management, if a product is available and ready to be assigned, there is a clickable Assign to Employee button where you can choose which employee a product will be sent to and when. If a product is not yet ready to be assigned and is still processing, the Assign to Employee button is not clickable.

If the equipment is listed as Pending, please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a ticket at

View the steps of this process in our guide for Placing Orders.

What is the difference between a Swap order and a Maintenance order?

A Swap order is a 2-in-1 order: Delivering a device to an employee, and then collecting a device once the new device has reached the user. This could be a replacement or because the recovered device was not working properly. The swap ordered indicates that we must not collect the device until the user has a new replaced device and it is ready to hand off the computer that is currently being used.

A Maintenance order for when you or your employee requests for their device to be collected for maintenance.

What is the estimated time of shipping for a particular region?

We have documented estimated times of order completion in our SLA page through the Support tab in your Dashboard. The ETAs are organized by order type and regions in which you have active employees in.

Can we get expedited shipping on an order?

Yes, you may request expedited shipping for orders that need urgent delivery. Pricing and availability for this service may vary per region and shipping time, so contact your Customer Success Manager to put in the request and if you have questions of specific pricing details.

What is the GroWrk warehouse address for a particular region?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager regarding our warehouse addresses.

What courier services does GroWrk use?

The courier service we use in each region may vary depending on certain shipping conditions. Please contact your Customer Success Manager regarding our courier services.

How can I get the supplier’s resell number?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager regarding the supplier’s resell number/ID.

GroWrk Warehouse Questions

What is the process for uploaded products arriving at a GroWrk warehouse?

  1. GroWrk gathers the following required information to share with the warehouse:
    1. Quantity
    2. Product name
      • Please include as many details of the product specs as possible, for example: “MacBook Pro - 13 In - M1 - 16 GB - 256 GB”. Avoid non-descriptive labels like “MacBook” or “Dell”.
    3. Brand
    4. Serial Number
    5. Device condition The model and specs need to be as detailed as possible. Once the information is received, the order status updates to Open. Please note: GroWrk must have all of the information before any products arrive at the warehouse.
  2. The warehouse will receive the products and the order status is updated to Received.
  3. An inspection report will be requested to the warehouse. The status will be updated to Inspection.
  4. The information from the inspection report will be displayed in the Dashboard for your visibility. GroWrk may reach out to you regarding any reported damage, but it is recommended to check the report through your Dashboard.
  5. After Inspection, the status will update to Wiping. This stage can last can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the region and volume. Once wiping is complete, the products will be marked as Ready to Use.

What is the process for delivering products from the inventory?

  1. After GroWrk receives the required information of the product, the order status will update from Processing to Open.
  2. The warehouse will be notified of the delivery request and will be given the necessary information and company-specific instructions.
  3. After receiving confirmation from the warehouse, the product status will be updated from Processing to Confirmed.
  4. Once the order is shipped and delivered, you will be notified via automated email.
  5. Your employee must confirm the delivery and the correct serial number of their device, and then the order will be closed.

How long do orders take to arrive?

Shipping times may depend on several factors such as region, courier, or unforeseen circumstances (like severe weather). Please refer to the the GroWrk SLA guidelines to get a general estimate on order fulfillment times. To track the shipment of specific orders, view the order page for shipping updates and ETAs.

Expedited shipping may be requested for Assign to Employee orders and can only be requested when placing the order. The service is available in the following regions:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • European Union
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Australia

Please refer to our guide on Expedited Shipping to view the process of making the request.

How does GroWrk enroll devices?

The general process of enrolling devices is the following:

  1. Identify the type of MDM requested for enrollment.
  2. Confirm with our warehouses that the service is available.
  3. Request the step-by-step instructions and requirements unique to your company.
  4. Proceed with the specific enrollment process depending on the MDM.

For a more detailed explanation of processes specific to each MDM GroWrk offers, refer to our guide on Enrollment.

How long does the Refresh process take?

The approximate duration of the refresh process is the following:

  • Inspection and wipe: May take up to 3 weeks or 15 business days. Wiping may take longer if there are any blockers with the device.
  • Repair: 10 business days on average, plus additional time for replacement parts to arrive (if applicable). If the product is under warranty, additional time may be taken based on the manufacturer’s time frames.

What is the process for recovered devices arriving at a GroWrk warehouse?

  1. The product status will be updated to Inspection. An inspection report will be created by the warehouse after the initial checkup which will contain the following information:
    • Device physical condition (screen, case, power cord/adapter and keyboard): New, Great, Used, Damaged, Out of Service
    • Battery working condition: the battery charges and the device turns on and works unplugged
    • Screen condition
    • Power supply/adapter/charger condition
    • Wipe confirmation (only if it has been requested by GroWrk)
  2. If there is any damage to the product, the warehouse will be requested to provide photo or video evidence before determining next steps.
  3. All damaged products are updated to Out of Service. GroWrk will add the details of the damage and it will be displayed on the product page. If you wish to repair the product, reach out to your company’s CSM to request a quote for the repair.
    • If a quote for a repair is requested, then the product status will update to Repairing.
  4. If the product is missing a charger, it will be reported on the product page.
  5. Once all the inspection and repairs are done, the product is ready to be assigned once again. The product status will update to Ready for Use and the order will close.

What is the process for wiping devices?

Prior to wiping, you may request a preventive hold: a period of time before wiping to access the device.

  1. If the hold is requested, the product status will update to Preventive Hold when the product is received at the warehouse.
  2. The GroWrk warehouse follows your company’s specific instructions and conditions for wiping your products. These instructions will be shared with the warehouse, as well as the date that the product may be wiped.
  3. Once the preventive hold period is complete, the the warehouse will be updated with any new instructions and they will begin the wiping process.
  4. Once the wipe is complete, the status will update to Ready for Use.

If the device is unable to be wiped for whatever reason, you will be notified via product logs. You will also receive a task in your task manager to share the required credentials to proceed with wiping.

Does a factory reset remote the device's MDM?

No, a factory reset only erases data and resets settings. Only the profile owner will be able to remove MDMs.

Platform Questions

Can I accept the platform invitation with my personal email or only with my corporate email?

Your employees can accept the invitation into their Employee Dashboard with either their personal or corporate email.

Managers receive their invitations to one email address, so the Dashboard can only be accessed through that address. However, if you are invited to both the client Dashboard and Employee Dashboard, it is recommended to use the same corporate email to have access to both permissions without creating separate accounts.

How do platform invitations work?

An Employee Invitation is sent when a new employee account is created. This can be resolved with either corporate email or personal email. After the invitation is accepted, the employee will have access to:

  • Equipment agreement form
  • Assigned equipment with serial numbers
  • Support page to submit any inquiries
  • AI GrowBot service desk for self-service troubleshooting
  • Personal details (email, address, phone number)

Manager Invitations are sent to those who are assigned to manage the company account. After the invitation is accepted, the manager will be able to:

  • Place orders
  • Manage the Inventory
  • Add new employees and new managers
  • Manage notifications
  • Set up integrations
  • Reach out to support on behalf of the company
  • Task manager

How can I control what emails our employees receive from GroWrk?

You can choose to turn GroWrk email notifications on or off for your employees. Contact your Customer Success Manager and they’ll be able to change your account preferences for you.

I need help with installing integrations. How can I get help?

We have created several guides for installing integrations to your Dashboard. View them here.

If you can’t find a guide for your preferred integration, feel free to put in a request through the Support page by submitting a support ticket and our team will work to create one.

How often do platform integrations synchronize with GroWrk?

These integrations automatically resync on a daily basis. There is also a Resync button available for use if needed.

  • BambooHR
  • OKTA
  • Hibob
  • Google Workspace
  • UKG Pro (formerly UltiPro)
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Rippling

Can I use a CSV file to upload multiple employee info/products at the same time?

Yes, using a CSV file is the most efficient way to upload multiple employees or product data to the platform. View the full guide to using CSV uploads on our platform here.

Miscellaneous Questions

What laptops are good for programming?

We mainly recommend Mac devices for programming. Both the MacBook Pro 16 inch and MacBook Air M2 are a great fit for programming as they are best in terms of performance, power, and design.

For programmers who prefer Windows, the Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Carbon is also a reliable laptop for programming.

For more information on laptop recommendations and their specs, view our blog post: 9 Best Laptops for Remote Work and Distributed Teams in 2023.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Ask your Customer Success Manager by filling out the form through the Support page or submit a ticket at